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top ten tuesday : favourite classic books

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i follow many blogs and when i open my dashboard, there are updates of the blogs that i follow.. sometimes the new updates give me an 'idea' of my own blogpost.

and i'm intriqued by stephanie's post that makes me want to do my own version of favourite classic books, which is this week's topic in the broke and bookish's meme.

and here are my choice of top ten classic books :

*notes : all the below pictures are taken via google, using the book title as the keyword*

1. ronya anak penyamun by astrid lindgren 
(the english title is "ronia (or ronja) the robber's daughter")

i soo sooo love this book! even though my most fave author is enid blyton, but "ronya anak penyamun" is my all time fave book :) i guess it's because ronya presents a world that is very different than mine, the descriptions feel so alive and i so envy ronya and she even makes me feel i want to live in woods as well, ahahahaha :p

2. anne of green gables by l.m. montgomery

i'm kinda 'late' in knowing anne. i 'met' her for the first time couple of years ago, perhaps because this book hadn't been translated in bahasa indonesia when i was a kid, or i was the one who wasn't aware of the present of this book before.. but anywayy.. since the first time i read "anne of green gables", i was instantly in love with her.. i like her dreamy side, the way she was able to make ordinary things seemed much more interesting..

3. the children of willow farm by enid blyton

it's soo hard to pick just one of enid's books to be in the list since i love many of her books :)) i pick this one because i love enid's description of farm-living.. reading this makes me want to experience it myself :D

4. the borrowers afield by mary norton

there were times in my life when i didn't feel like reading at all.. and in those period, "the borrowers afield" had been the first book that made me enjoy reading again.. i remember when i read this book, without even trying, i could imagine what was written there.. it made me feel like i was part of the book, i joined the adventure and not only as an outsider :D

5. jennings series by anthony buckeridge

by far i only read the translated books but i love jennings.. it's funny to read how jennings always gets into mr. wilkin's nerves, hahaha.. the way he interprets the words to suit his own.. sometimes he's not intendedly want to do naughty things but his different way in seeing things makes him in trouble XD

6. heidi by johanna spyri

i love heidi, how she could soften her grandpa's heart.. and again i guess what i love most about this book is because it presents the kind of life that is very different from my own :D

all the above 6 books are the ones i read and would love to reread again.. and these last four books in my top ten are the "classic" i wish to read one day ^o^

7. all-of-a-kind family by sydney taylor

8. the family under the bridge by natalie savage carlson

9. tom's midnight garden by philippa pearce

10. betsy-tacy by maud hart lovelace

pheww.. i never thought picking 10 books can be this hard, ahahahaha XD so there are my list of top 10 fave classic books ^o^ how about yours? ;)

wednesday 2/7 (10:36 am)

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