Monday, December 22, 2014

wrap-up lucky no. 14 rc

lucky no14
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senin 22/12 (12:07 pm)

yuhuu.. berikut wrap-up salah satu rc yang gua ikutin di tahun 2014 ini, yaituu.. lucky no. 14-nya astrid, sang empunya blog "books to share".

 1. visit the country : tara road (jan)

2. cover lust : the long winter (nov)

3. blame it on bloggers : the chronicles of audy : 4r (oct)

4. bargain all the way : the marriage bureau for rich people (apr)

5. (not so) fresh from the oven : slammed (jun)

6. first letter's rule : the importance of being seven (apr)

7. once upon a time : a tree grows in brooklyn (mei)

8. chunky brick : the candy makers (apr)

9. favourite author : the children of willow farm (jun)

10. it's been there forever : the happy prince (oct)

11. movies vs books : ps. i love you (aug)

12. freebies time : my name is kim sam soon (nov)

13. not my cup of tea : recipes for a perfect marriage (mar)

14. walking down the memory lane : kau pun istimewa, anna (apr)

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  1. suka sama pilihan buku2nya deh... rencana mau baca kau pun istimewa anna malah nggak kesampean hihi... congrats ya ndah sudah sukses di lucky 14 :)


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