Sunday, February 1, 2015

Freebies the 13th: Love is in The Air

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minggu 1/2 (4:09 pm)

thanks to Lina yang udah mengingatkan akan giveaway ini, kalau ngga pasti bakal ketinggalan, hahaha :))

yang mau ikutan, untuk syarat dan ketentuannya, silahkan langsung meluncur ke sini yaa..

berikut 'puisi' ala dirikuu ^o^


i laughed when your first told me
come on! you, of all people!
the guy who didn't believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
THE ONE AND ONLY who thought a perfect DREAM DATE
should involve getting your hands dirty
by planting homegrown vegetables in your backyard!
the man who enjoyed too much being in SINGLE VILLE
but then when you whispered in my ear
and said that i was (and i quoted) "THE BEST A MAN CAN GET"
i realize it now.. it was only by the miracle of grace
that THE SEARCH of finding a soulmate was over
and we could FINALLY be together


 happy anniversary ya dhila dan arif ;) 

minggu 1/2 (5:02 pm)

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  1. Halo mbak Indah...
    makasih yaa udah ikutan... hehe...
    aku suka sama puisinya..
    pas gitu nata-nya hehe..
    good luck ya mbak.. dan makasih :* :)


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